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Viewing Your Medical Records - Patients

Go to MYCURE Pxp

Click on Medical Records or "View All" under Recent Records

You can View Your Clinic Records or Medical Diary

From Clinic Records, Click on Box to view your encounter with information of date and clinic.

Here is a sample of a Prescription made for the Patient

Click on Print if you want to create a physical cope of your Prescription.

Click on Back button to go back to the Main Page

Click on Medical Diary to view your own logs

Here you can view all records you have created. To add a new log, Click on "+" button

Fill all details that you would like to log

Select on the date of the event

Click on Body with max of 300 characters

Click on "Add attachment" which will be done using your Camera or you can insert a picture

Once all is in place, click on the "Save Record" button on the top right corner

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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