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Tracking and Managing your Pharmacy's Inventory


This is where users can track products and variants, read reports, and perform inventory transactions and adjustments.

Products and Variants

Users of the Pharmacy Module can read product and variant items per selected date range similar to POS.

Go to Menu > Inventory > Items > Products for Products. You can add additional Products by clicking the “+” button on the upper right corner.

Go to Menu > Inventory > Items > Variant. You can also Import the Variants by clicking on the import button located at the top right portion of the page.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Inventory Reports

Users can also view inventory reports per day, week, or Month as well as export these reports in a CSV and XLSX format by clicking on the export button on the upper right corner of the page.




Stock Transfers

Steps in Managing Stock Transfers

Users can view the stock transfers per date range similar to POS. In the order details, users have the option to receive or reject these orders.
Once Stock Request items are received, input the corresponding amount and then click “Receive”.

This will change the status of the transfer order from “Pending” to “Received” If user selects reject, the order will be rejected
To print this order:
Click the print button.
A printing prompt will appear.
Confirm printing.

Stock Adjustments

Steps to Manage Adjustments

For Stock Adjustments, users can view the list per date range as well as search for the specific Stock Adjustment ID.

To add a Stock Adjustment Reason:
Click the “+” button.
This will redirect the user to a Stock Adjustment page.
Choose from the dropdown list of reasons.
Click the “Add Item” button.
Choose items to adjust and its quantity.
Click “Save” to add to Stock Adjustments report.

Stock Dispenses

Steps in Managing Stock Dispenses

For Stock Dispenses, similar to Stock Adjustment, users can view the reports per date range and can also search for a specific Stock Dispense ID.

To add a Stock Dispense:
Click the “+” button.
Users will automatically be redirected to the Stock Dispense page
Click “Add Item” to add items for dispense.
Select product and its quantity.
Track this item for consumption.
Tick the box to track.
Click save to finalize.


Steps to Manage Returns

For Stock Returns, users can view the list per date range and can also search for a specific Stock Return ID.

To add a Stock Return:
Click the add button.
User will be redirected to the Stock Return page.
Select the name of the customer.
Select the order type: Sales or Stocks
Click add item
Enter the name of the product and the quantity to be returned.
Add reason for Return.
Click “Save” to finalize. The status of the will be marked as “Pending”

Approval will be needed to finalize the return. Click on Approve to proceed or Void to cancel the requested return.

Updated on: 06/18/2021

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