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Serving a Patient in a Queue

MYCURE provides a systematic way of processing and recording a patient's visits to your clinic. You can watch the Video or follow the steps below:



Click the patient’s name
Click Accommodate.

You can choose whether the patient’s visit type is new or a follow-up. You can also click Patient Records to view the patient’s medical record summary per visit or per record.

If the patient needs a follow-up service:

Select visit type as “Follow-Up”.
Click the drop down button to view the patient's previous visits.

Select the date of the patient's last visit.

Choose the service type that the patient needs.

If the patient needs consultation:

Click Consultation.

Input the patient’s chief complaint.

Select queue details.

Select the service to be billed.

Input the patient’s vitals.

Attach any necessary documents or photos.

Click Create to finalize.

If the patient needs a procedure:

Click Procedure.

Select the patient’s procedure request and the procedure to undergo.

Select queue details such as the attending staff and the corresponding queue.
Click Create to finalize.

If the patient needs a diagnostic order for laboratory or imaging:

Select the needed diagnostic order.

Select if the diagnostic service to be done is an in-house order or add a new order that was requested by a doctor from another clinic.

Click Add to finalize.

Select queue details.

Click Create to save.

If the patient needs to see a Nurse/Therapist:

Select Nurse/Therapist.

Enter additional notes.

Select queue details.

Click Create to finalize.

If the patient is there for a PME service:

Select PME.

Select the patient’s PE package.

For walk-in PME patients, users can select from the clinic’s directory of PE packages.
For group PME patients, the PE package field will automatically be pre-filled based on the PE package set for the group.

To arrange the patient's queue trail:

Click Arrange Queue Trail & Send Patient.

Choose to either:
Drag and drop the arrangement of the patient’s queues.
Automatically balance the patient’s queues.
Select the “For fasting” option which means the patient will be sent to the laboratory queue first.
Choose the “For kids” option which will send the patient to the laboratory queue last to ensure that the painless services go first.
Tick the checkbox for “Pending payment/ HMO approval” to send patient to the cashier for payment before proceeding to the services proper.
Click Send Patient to deck patient to the next queue.

Updated on: 09/17/2021

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