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Requiring a Reason for Cancellation and Postponement of Queues

To keep track of all the clinic's movement for the day and increase accountability as well as monitoring, MYCURE has developed a feature wherein clinics can choose to require the reason for cancelling and postponing of patient queues.
To enable this feature, you can watch the video or follow the steps below:


Click your account icon on the upper right corner.
A drop down will appear. Click Settings.

Once inside the Settings page, click on Registration and then Queues.

In the Queues Settings page, scroll down and you'll see Queue - Misc Settings
Tick the checkbox according to your liking.

Once finished, you'll now see these prompts whenever you cancel or postpone a patient's queues.

These reasons will be recorded and can be seen through your clinic's Queue Cancellation Report!

Updated on: 08/26/2021

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