Administrative module

The Administrative module focuses on the customization of the MYCURE Clinic Management System that will suit each clinic’s operations and processes. This is important in ensuring that the system attends to all the needs of the clinic as well as optimize the clinic dynamic to its fullest potential; feeling the swift assistance of MYCURE technology while staying true to every clinic’s unique quality of service.

This module has five primary users namely Superadmin, Clinic Manager, Data Analyst, Proofreader, and Records Staff. Each of these users have their own role and privileges to keep the clinic secured and the flow to be smooth. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the user tasked to secure and verify any report and medical data produced by the clinic: Records Staff.

Records Staff
The records staff’s main task is to manage the physical and digital medical records of patients which are created and updated by the other clinic staff. Below is a matrix of their privileges.

As indicated above, records staff have limited access to the Administrative, Billing, Materials Management, and Pharmacy modules. Even though the records staff’s role falls under the Administrative Module, their main task does not involve any customizations but rather is centered on managing and organizing medical data to which they can only perform the action of Read.

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