Imaging module

The Imaging module is one of the Diagnostic modules of the MYCURE Clinic Management System which focuses on creating and producing images of the different parts of the body, aiming to scan the body of abnormalities even before symptoms show up. This module particularly aims to assist the imaging department in performing their task in the overall process of imaging diagnostic orders which includes generation of Specimen ID and reports, as well as send these information to other branches/partner clinics.

This module has four primary users namely Head – Imaging, Radiologist, Sonologist, Ultrasound Technologist, and Radiologic Technician. Each of these users have their own role and privileges to ensure the patient’s clinic journey. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the users who are tasked with the processing of test and its reports: Ultrasound Technician and Radiologic Technician.

Ultrasound Technician
Ultrasound technicians process ultrasound tests and generation of its reports. They make sure that the tests are taken properly along with the corresponding reports.

Radiologic Technologist
Radiologic technicians process radiologic tests and generation of its reports. They make sure that the tests are taken properly along with the corresponding reports. Below is a matrix of their privileges.

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Imaging Tests and Imaging Result Templates
To create an imaging test, click the “+” button and then a prompt will appear asking for the test name, test section and its description. Click save to add to the list of imaging tests while to add imaging report templates, similar to adding an imaging test, click the ”+” button on the upper right side, and then a prompt will appear asking the user to input the test name, category, description, and the imaging test template. In the field for the template, users can copy+paste their existing templates from a word file or create a new one. Users also have the option to add a tag for each of these templates for convenience when doing an imaging worklist.
However, these are only accessible to Radiologic Technologists and Ultrasound Technologists in a Read-only mode.

Imaging Orders
In order to add an imaging test order, simply click the “+” button found on the upper right corner, which will open a prompt asking for the template name, description, and the name of imaging tests to be included in the order template.

Click Save to finalize and then the order template will now be automatically add to the system.

Imaging Results
Users can accept patients queued to them from the registration. To do this, simply click on the patient’s name and then a prompt will appear to confirm the accommodation. If not, users also have the option to postpone or reject the patient.

To generate a Control ID for the specimen of an order, click the “+” button. Click the “Est. Release Date” to select the date wherein the patient can go back to claim the results. To update, print claim stub, or print control ID, simply click the more options on the right side of the laboratory test order.

If Update is clicked, users will be redirected to the Reports page where they can fill out the imaging test results.

Imaging Test Send Outs, Completion, Verification, and Finalization.
The imaging worklist is where users can find the full list of worklists per classification and date range. Users can choose to view this by the list of Pending, Completed, Verified, Finalized, Sent Out, and Cancelled by clicking the classifications bar. For the date range, users can view the desired date by clicking the date range drop-down list next to classifications.

To fulfill an imaging test, click the test to be filled out. Users have the ability to cancel the laboratory order by clicking the ”Cancel Order” button found on the top right corner of the page.

To print, simply click the print button for a print preview to appear. Only finalized reports can be printed out.

Users can also upload a photo of their imaging result as well as draw on the template provided. Click “Upload” to upload a photo to the system. Meanwhile, click the “Draw” button and then a prompt will appear asking the user to upload their own template/image for it to be drawn on.

Once filled out, users will undergo a 3-step verification of completing, verifying, and finalizing test results. A report will only appear in the completed list if it was completed by a designated user. The same is applicable to tests that are verified and finalized. Once a report is finalized, users can no longer edit or update the result.

To send a laboratory report out, click the “Send Out” button and then select which diagnostic center to send the report out to.
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