When an appointment is set, the schedule will be shown in the calendar which may be accessed by the doctor through the Doctor's Dashboard or in the front desk through Appointments.

Front Desk accommodates patient and checks his/her appointment schedule.
Once on the appointments, you will see displayed on the calendar the time slots with scheduled appointments.

To create an appointment, click on Appointments from menu and click on New Appointment

You can either select an existing patient by typing the name of the person.

If a patient is not on your list, you can add them by clicking on + New Patient.

Input all details and click on Save once you have placed all the necessary information.

Click on Create to accommodate patient's appointment and you will be diverted back to the Clinic Appointments page. Appointments will be placed from queues of Pending, Approved and Arrived.

Pending – is the list of patients that may have booked an appointment from your website or called to request for an appointment. Click on approve to add the patient to the next queue.

Approved – Patients will confirm their schedules or request for rescheduling.

Once the schedule has been finalized, Click on Confirm to accept the appointment.

Then select the patient queue and click on add to queue.

Patient will then be queued in line. From there, patient may now be accommodated for the services indicated in the appointment as well as other services he/she might want to avail.

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