Laboratory Module

The Laboratory Module houses all the diagnostic processes related to laboratory testing which includes the test directory and reports. MYCURE’s role is to aid the laboratory department staff in handling the different facets of laboratory testing through management and monitoring which results into a faster and smoother process.

This module has four primary users namely Head – Laboratory, Pathologist, Medical Technologist, and Laboratory Technician. Each of these users have their own role and privileges to ensure the patient’s clinic journey. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the user who ensure the lab reports are fulfilled accordingly and correctly: Pathologist.

The pathologist is a physician who interprets and diagnoses the laboratory tests taken by patients. All the lab results are sent to the pathologist or is given access by the superadmin. Below is a matrix of their privileges.

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Lab Tests and Lab Orders
This features the the lab queues, the tests, and its components. Users can manage these through accessing Laboratory > Queues. These are mainly composed of queue management and specimen collection which can only be accessed by Pathologist in a Read-only mode.

Lab Results and Finalization.
Lab results can be found in Laboratory > Worklist. Inside, this contains the list of pending, completed, verified, sent out, and cancelled lab orders. Pathologists's role is to finalized completed reports.

To fulfill a laboratory test, click the test to be filled out. Users have the ability to cancel the laboratory order by clicking the ”Cancel Order” button found on the top right corner of the page. To print, simply click the print button for a print preview to appear. Only finalized reports can be printed out.

Once filled out, users will undergo a 3-step verification of completing, verifying, and finalizing test results. A report will only appear in the completed list if it was completed by a designated user. The same is applicable to tests that are verified and finalized. Once a report is finalized by the pathologist, users can no longer edit or update the result.

For every verification step, a prompt will appear confirming the user’s identity to ensure the security and the details of the report.
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