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MYCURE Version Log


Version 6.19.1

Fix Computations and performance improvements in the Inventory Reports



Fix Missing patient header in prescription printout for specific users


New Feature Option to require OR Number even for HMO accounts
Fix Upload button for patient's profile
Fix Total sales report issues
Enhancement line spacing in lab result printouts
Enhancement Implement Syncbase access to Doctors App
Enhancement Gift Certificate status updates


New Feature Kiosk QR scanner
New Feature Implement Intercom
Fix Cannot save created patients in PME>Group Package
Fix Senior Citizen tag cannot be removed
Fix Rescheduled appointment not reflected in the approved list
Enhancement Combine Widow and Widower as a selection for Civil Status for Adding Patient info


Fix Medical Certificate is not auto populating


New Feature Add Inventory > Variant Coverage and Commissions
Fix Total sales report not displaying vouchers
Enhancement Remove the Autofill of Remarks in Add Order Form
Enhancement Temporarily hide link symbol in services and diagnostic tests


New Feature Prescription > Add field for "Notes"
New Feature Generation of Permanent ID system
Fix POS search patient not filtering out archived patients
Enhancement Laboratory Template Signatory Modifications


New Feature Add face image template for drawing
Enhancement Transferring of units in stock transfer
Enhancement Viewing of Pricelist in Billing > Transactions
Enhancement Cash payment display modifications
Fix Clearing of switch clinic search


Enhancement Improvements in inviting new users via email
Enhancement Various EMR enhancements
Enhancement PME Report Builder - Sequential order of input fields
Enhancement Adjustments in Visual Acuity orientation
Enhancement Add new formulation entry for custom medicines
Enhancement Editable custom medicines
Fix Privileges for Laboratory head and Imaging head


New Feature Customizable Queue Board Display You can now display up to 12 queues in one page.

Improvements Various enhancements and bug fixes


Improvements Updated onboarding process for booking and telehealth
Improvements Various enhancements and bug fixes


New Feature Revamped Directory and Booking Website - Safely accommodate more patients by setting appointments. Learn how to setup your own website by joining the upcoming trainings (register here)

New Feature Medical Record Watermarks - Prevents e-prescription and e-medcert fraud (see tutorial)

New Feature Backdating of Records - Encode your patient visits in the past

New Feature Launchpad - Quick access to your most important tools

New Feature Soft Launch of Newest Products - Introducing our newest products for diagnostic centers

Improvements Various enhancements and bug fixes


Fix - A hotfix has been deployed for an internal error.


Fix - A hotfix has been deployed for an internal error.


Enhancement - Improved onboarding - The onboarding experience has been updated with brand-new tracks for
each product.
New Feature - add coverage and payment dialog
New Feature - add learn basics page
Fix - various fixes
Refactor - update prescription font and print size; updated watermark padding
Refactor - Add appointment option in diagnostic order requests
`Refactor`- Update registration appointments


Miscellaneous - Several fixes have been made to resolve bugs and internal errors.
Refactor - populate appointment attending staff
Refactor - remove telehealth activation routes
Refactor - apply superadmin only onboarding redirects


New Feature - Booking Module - MYCURE CMS now has a brand-new Booking workflow, improving on its existing
appointments feature, which facilitates the complete booking journey from your
very own clinic website all the way to on-site accommodation.
New Feature - Getting Started enhancements
New Feature - Telehealth workflow enhancements
Miscellaneous - Various fixes and refactoring on CMS modules


Overhaul - The MYCURE Virtual Clinic now has a revamped onboarding experience, as well as
an overhaul of the Telehealth dashboard.
New Feature - Getting Started dashboard page for Telehealth
New Feature - Doctor Portal dropdown menu link item
New Feature - New settings for business agreements
New Feature - POS barcode mode
Fix - finalize invoices when closing clinic
Fix - update assets for pharmacy module
Fix - various core CMS fixes
Refactor - various POS, Telehealth, and PhilHealth module refactoring
Refactor - add chief complaint from appointments
Refactor - add hard refresh button
Refactor - import advanced photo capture
Refactor - add privacy notice for HMO member workflow


New Feature Polish Virtual Clinic experience - The Virtual Clinic release, including the Telehealth module, has had a considerable touch-up!


Improvements Overhaul Telehealth onboarding - A brand-new Telehealth onboarding experience has been crafted!
New Feature Telehealth module - A brand-new Telehealth module for conducting virtual consults is now available!

Version 5.71.0

Fix Use status filter for Lab/Imaging worklist exports - The status filter in Lab/Imaging worklists will now take effect on exports as well.

Version 5.70.2

Improvements Miscellaneous internal release - Internal fixes and improvements.

Version 5.70.1

New Feature Allow requiring coverage approval codes - Approval codes for HMO, company, and government insurance coverages can now be configured to be required.
New Feature Allow reordering medical history records - The subtypes under Medical History can now also be reordered.
New Feature Display preceding invoices in Billing - Follow-up encounters will now display preceding invoices in Billing, to allow viewing and making additional payments.
New Feature Auto-suggest diagnosis creation in Plan tab - When creating a lab/imaging/procedure order with a diagnosis code, the EMR will prompt to auto-create the diagnosis record as well, if none exists yet.
Improvements Handle interbranch encounters on Syncbase - When in Syncbase mode, encounters from other clinics will now appear read-only in the Patient Records drawer.
Improvements Display height and weight in preferred units - The units used for input (cm/ft, kg/lb) will now also be saved and used for displaying, instead of always converting to SI units.
Improvements Redirect to Accounts app when creating new clinics - The Accounts app has the complete clinic onboarding process and is meant to handle creation of new personal clinics.
Improvements Propagate lab/imaging test renaming - Renaming a lab or imaging test will now also rename its linked service.
Improvements Display 'Save Changes' prompt only when there are changes - The 'Save Changes' prompt that appears when leaving the page will no longer appear if there are no changes.
Improvements Display professions when displaying doctor name - In the Patient Records drawer, professions are now displayed alongside the doctors' names.
Improvements Remove roles display for PME members - When creating PME reports, roles are no longer displayed for brevity.
Improvements Allow filtering PME reports by exam type - PME reports can now be filtered by exam type.
Fix Prevent Consult services from disappearing - Selected Consult services will now appear correctly regardless of the current search text.
Fix Create medical procedure orders for PME correctly - Medical procedure orders for PME services will now be created correctly once again.
Fix Allow unlimited member invitations for enterprise builds - Enterprise builds will no longer be limited by subscription when adding members.
Fix Guard required patient info fields correctly - Certain edge cases where patient info fields are displayed as required when supposedly not so are now fixed.
Fix Allow different date and number formats on patient import - Slightly different date and number formats will still be parsed, if possible.
Fix Allow creating patient accounts - Patient accounts can now be created properly once again.
Fix Save vitals time properly in Registration - Time recorded for vitals will now save properly when input in Registration Queues.

Updated on: 01/30/2023

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