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Monitoring your PME Groups with Summary Reports and Monitoring Reports

With the Summary Reports and Monitoring Reports, you wouldn't have to worry much about making sure your partner companies get an update about their employees health!
To view the Summary Report, go to PME > Reports > Summary Report.

This summary report can be filtered by date, PME template, and partner company. For precise record, you can also search this report by your patient's name. Of course, the Summary Report wouldn't be complete without the export feature via CSV or XLSX.
The same goes for the Monitoring Report found in Nav bar > PME > Reports > Monitoring Report.

Only this report is intended for real time tracking of your partner company's employees PME status. Aside from the Date and Partner Company filter, Monitoring Report also has Status filter and Date of Exam or Date of Release filter which can quickly customize your monitoring report once you export it through a CSV or XLSX file.

Updated on: 06/18/2021

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