The Developments tab shows the summary of a patient's clinic medical records, namely, Medical History, Growth Chart, Vax Chart, Development Milestones, Lab Results, and Attachments.

Go to Patients List.
Select the patient.
Go to Developments.
Click Med Hx to view the patient's medical history.

Click Growth Chart to track the patient’s growth in height, weight, head size, and BMI. This is mainly used for infant patients up until 5 years old.

Click VAX Chart to view the vaccination history of the patient.

To update the VAX Chart history:
Identify the vaccine and the date when it was administered.
Click the “+” button.
Enter vaccination details.
Click submit to save the record.

Click Devel Milestones to track the development milestones summary of the patient such as Gross Motor, Adaptive Fine Motor, Language, and Personal/Social growth.

Click Lab Results to view the summary of all the accomplished laboratory orders and results.

Click Attachments to upload necessary photos for the patient’s development monitoring and tracking.

To add a new entry:
Click “+ Add Attachment”
Click Upload to upload a photo.

Click Draw to draw on medical illustration templates.

Adjust pencil color and pencil size.

Click Clear Drawing to clear template.
Click Save Drawing to save.
Add attachment title.
Add description.
Click Create Record to finalize.
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