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Managing your Medical Records Settings

Click on your clinic’s photo on the Sidebar Menu.

Click "Edit Clinic".

Go to Medical Records.

Medical Records > Record Fields



To customize the medical records display for doctors:
Select whether they can view only the records they created or including records by other doctors.

Click Update to finalize.

To enable or disable record fields:
Toggle which information is needed in the record fields.

Hold and drag up or down a record field to adjust the order if desired.

This can be done for record fields in Encounter, Plan, and Attachments tabs.
Click Update to finalize.

Medical Records > Prescription Headers



To manage prescription headers
Click Create Template.

You can add up to 6 clinic information by checking the box that pertains to the display of the clinic detail column.
Input clinic details.

Click Preview to view custom header preview.

Click Revert to Default Header to revert back to the clinic’s default header.

Medical Records > Medicines Directory



To add custom medicines:
Click the + button.

Input the generic name of the medicine, the brand name, and the formulation.

Click Save to add the medicine to the list.
To delete, click the delete icon.

To import a list of custom medicines:
Click the import icon.

Download the Excel template and fill out the necessary information.
Upload the Excel file template back into the system.

Medical Records > Favorite Prescriptions



To add a favorite prescription:
Click the + button.

Input the details of the medicine.

Add notes if desired.
Click Save to finalize.
To edit, click the edit icon.
To delete, click the delete icon.

Medical Records > Custom Diagnostic Test



To add a custom diagnostic test:
Click the + button.

Input the details.

Click Save to add custom diagnostic test to the list.
To delete a diagnostic test, click the delete icon.

Medical Records > Custom Diagnostic Packages



To manage a Diagnostic Test Package:
Click the + button.

Select diagnostic test type.

Select the tests to be included in the package.
Input the diagnostic test package name.
Add a description.
Click Save to add the package to the list.
To edit and delete the diagnostic package, click the edit icon and delete icon respectively.

Medical Records > Forms



To manage form templates:
Click the + button.

Fill out the title and the description.

Select the type of template.

For medical certificate, fitness certificate, or the waiver type:
Input with the corresponding values (e.g. General, Patient Details, Patient Encounter, etc.).

These corresponding values will be pre-filled uniquely for each encounter.

For the questionnaire type:
Click + Add Section as many as needed.

Input a section name.
Click + Add Question.

Select the question type.

Require the question to be answered if needed.

To edit or delete these forms, click the edit or delete icon.

For the multiple choice and checklist question type, users can add as many choices and items as needed.

Medical Records > Manage Custom Dental Statuses



To manage custom dental statuses:
To add a custom dental status, click the + button.

You can customize to your own preference and make sure to input all details.

Click Save to add the dental status to the system.
To edit or delete the dental status, click the edit or delete icon.

Medical Records > Archived Patients


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To restore archived patients:
Click the restore icon.

Click Yes to confirm.

Updated on: 10/25/2021

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