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Managing your Clinic’s Stock Transfers and Stock Requests

Inventory > Stock Control

This is where users have the ability to Create, Read, Update, Delete, Track, and Print stock orders and other inventory processes.

Stock Request

Steps in Managing Stock Requests

Warehouse custodians have the ability to request stocks from the warehouse head’s clinic branch. This can be done under the Inventory module found on the left sidebar of the user's dashboard.



Click the “+” button.
The user will be directed to the Stock Request page.
Choose which branch of clinic to request the stocks to.
Select the due date of the stock’s arrival.
Select items to request and its quantity.
Click save to finalize.

Once items are received, warehouse heads must now confirm the number of items received for audit purposes.

Stock Transfers

Steps in Managing Stock Transfers

Users can view the stock transfers per date range similar to POS. In the order details, users have the option to receive or reject these orders.



Once Stock Request items are received, input the corresponding amount and then click “Receive”.
This will change the status of the transfer order from “Pending” to “Received” If the user selects reject, the order will be rejected
To print this order:
Click the print button.
A printing prompt will appear.
Confirm printing.

Updated on: 09/14/2021

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