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Managing your Clinic's PME Queues

Registration > Queues

Queue Management

This feature is derived from the Registration module wherein patients can be recognized by the system through the Patient Kiosk and Registration/ Front Desk if they belong to a PME Group or a Walk-In PME patient.

Steps in Queue Management

For a Walk-In PME patient:
Select the PME service.
Choose the PE Package patient wants to take.
For group PME:
Once the PME service is selected a prompt will appear with the PE Package automatically chosen.
Click “create” to save.
Click “Send Patient” to send the patient to their next queue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the patient cannot fulfill their PME Service in a day, they can come back anytime and then users can input the date of their last visit. This will let the system recognize that they still have an incomplete PE package to fulfill. Click “Create” and the “Send Patient” to send patient to the next queue.

NOTE: Users can also auto-balance the patient’s queue through a drag and drop action in Arrange Queue Trail prompt.

Updated on: 06/14/2021

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