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Managing your Clinic's Members

You can Create, Read, Update, and Delete clinic staff who have access to MYCURE. You can also manage team members by setting their roles and privileges.

You can watch the video or follow the steps below:



Click on your clinic’s photo on the Sidebar Menu.

Click "Edit Clinic".

Go to My Clinic > Members.

To add a new clinic member:

Click the + button.

Enter clinic staff’s email.

Select specializations.

Choose specific role for clinic staff.

Edit set of privileges.

Click Send Invitation.

Adding a clinic member is only through exclusive invite.

To update a clinic member’s Roles and Privileges:

Select a clinic member’s name.
Click on the list of user roles to employ.

Edit the clinic staff’s set of privileges.
Untick/tick the box which corresponds to the privilege.

Click Update.

To delete a clinic member:

Select member to be deleted.
Click Remove User.

Updated on: 08/26/2021

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