Using MYCURE, you can view patients in queue, accept patients in queue, delete/reject and skip patients in queue, postpone and re-queue patients, proceed patient to next queue, and lastly, bill the patient for their encounter.

Go to EMR > Queues.
Choose a queue.

To accept patients in queue:

Click on the patient’s name.

Confirm the accommodation.

To postpone or reject a patient in queue:

Choose the name of the patient.
Click the “Postpone” icon to put the patient in the postpone tab.

Enter reason for postponement.

Click the “Cancel” icon to remove the patient in queue.

Enter reason for cancellation.

Once accommodated, the user will be directed to the encounter page wherein they can perform the same actions as discussed in Records Management.

To bill a patient:

Click the “Bill Encounter” button. You will be automatically directed to a billing invoice wherein you can add a service item, product item, and coupon item.

Click “Save” to proceed patient to their next queue.
Click “Save & End Encounter” to end the patient’s encounter.

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