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How do I mark the transfer order as completed or received?

In the menu, go to INVENTORY > STOCK CONTROL > STOCK TRANSFERS. You will be able to to see the status of each transfer order that you generated.

In the image above, you can see that Order ID 605-09343CF26D and Order ID 5FE-7F18B4DF88 status is completed, while Order ID 5FE-0EF50E7BB0 status is in-transit.

Pending - Stock request created by clinic, allows printing of Stock request
Received - Stock request is received by warehouse, allows printing of Stock request
Approved - Stock Transfer is reserved, allows printing of A/R
In-transit - Mark as In-transit
Partial - Request is marked as partially completed by clinic
Completed - Request is marked as completely fulfilled by clinic

To mark the transfer order as received, select the transfer order and then select RECEIVE ALLon the upper right. Doing this will automatically add the requested items from the transfer order to your current inventory.

Updated on: 06/18/2021

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