Importing your Patient Data via Excel

What do you plan to do with your existing paper records? Upload them to your clinic management system of course! Not only will this help you monitor your medical records, it's going to be a great help for you as an on-the-go doctor. This is a quick tutorial on how to encode and convert your paper records into digital medical records in MYCURE (Web).

In the Menu, go to Patient Records.

Beside the Add New Patient button, click on Import.

Click on Download Template. This template is in Excel File format.

Open the template using Microsoft Excel or any similar program and add your patients data according to what the template requires.

Save the Excel file when you're done entering your patients data.

Go back to the MYCURE page on Patient Records again and in Import, click Browse File.

Choose the Excel File that you updated.

Wait for the page to refresh and voila! Your patients data are now uploaded to your MYCURE account!
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