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Getting Started with MYCURE Telehealth

Technology is rapidly developing by the minute and we can definitely testify to its contribution to our society in terms of convenience and operational efficiency. Telehealth is a big leap for physicians especially if it's your first time to try, so we'll help you ease out the pressure!

Let's begin by watching this short video:

Get Started

Ready to try MYCURE now? Below are some useful links to jumpstart right away:
How to create my free MYCURE account
How to make free consults
How to make paid consults
How to setup my payments via PayPal
How to update my professional website

The Interface

With your patient front and center, you can jot down notes without having to switch windows or applications. Enter chief complaint, HPI, prescriptions, medical certificates and other relevant records as needed.

Everything you need in one view. No need to switch apps or windows!


MYCURE Telehealth is designed to make telemedicine a lot simpler for you and your patients:

EMR Integration

With your patient front and center, you can jot down notes without having to switch windows or applications.

Review Past Medical Records

If you have returning patients, you can easily review previous charts from your past encounters.

Book Appointments by Time Period

Booking appointments with MYCURE is quite flexible. You can configure

Your available time slots for the day
How long your average consult periods are, and
How many patients you can accommodate per time period.

This way, you can budget your time wisely and conveniently for both you and your patients.

Free and Paid Consults

Perform consultations with your patients in two very convenient ways:
Free consultations - share your consult link with your patient and start instantly
Paid consultations - your patients pay via PayPal + more payment methods coming soon!

Get Paid Instantly

No need to wait for a week or a month to get your professional fees. We make it extra convenient for you to get you paid immediately after your consult.
By signing in your PayPal business account with MYCURE, you can get your consult fees straight to your account!

Audio and Video Call with Chatbox

All essential communication tools are available at your dispense.

MYCURE Telehealth is freshly released just this September. Do you think we're doing it right? Share us your thoughts on how we can make it better by answering a quick survey here.

Updated on: 06/21/2021

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