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Exporting your clinic reports

We accommodate patients on a daily basis and to get the most out of your clinic management system, that’s all about exporting a summary of all your data in one file. With MYCURE you can export Daily Census, Lab and Imaging worklists, and other MYCURE reports.Go to your desired report (Daily Census, PME Worklist, PME Summary Report, PME Monitoring Report, Laboratory Worklist, and Imaging Worklist)

Click the export button located on the top right corner of the report table

Once clicked, a prompt will open wherein users can choose the export file type, date range, and columns to be included.

For filters that aren’t found in the prompt, be sure to filter the table before clicking the export button. You can filter accordingly:
Daily Census: name of service or product, service type
Imaging Worklist: name of test, imaging section, report status
Laboratory Worklist: name of test, report status
PME Worklist: exam type, report status
PME Monitoring Report: exam type, report status, Date of Exam or Date Released
PME Summary Report: exam type, report status, name of company, template

Select the export type.

Select the date range.

If you select custom, make sure to select the start and end dates accordingly

Choose the columns to be included.

Click “Export”.

After clicking “Export”, a success message will appear.

 A prompt will appear informing you if your export is taking too long because of the size of the file.

You will then be redirected to the History Tab where you’ll see a summary of all the exports you’ve done in the past with regards to the report you’re currently in.

Updated on: 06/18/2021

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