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Enabling your clinic's Kiosk HMO Flow

We all know that season is upon Multi-specialty clinics again. It's that season of numerous groups of patients visit your clinic, overflowing lab requests, stacks of imaging results- it's PME season! We're pretty familiar with this that's why MYCURE is glad to be of help to many MYCURE clinics whenever the demands of ensuring your partners' healthcare become almost too heavy to handle. But MYCURE doesn't want to stop there, hence, our new feature, the Kiosk HMO Flow!

The Kiosk HMO Flow when enabled, lets your patients easily register in your clinic kiosk using their HMO Member ID! To start, here are the steps:

Click your account icon on the upper right corner.
A drop down will appear. Click Settings.

Once inside the Settings, select Registration > Patient Kiosk then scroll the page down.

To enable the Kiosk - HMO Clinic Workflow, just tick the_ Enable HMO clinic workflow checkbox_.

Select an HMO and then click save and then your clinic's kiosk will look like this!

From thereon, your patients will now be easily identifiable through their chosen HMO member ID!

You can also watch the video of this tutorial:

Updated on: 08/26/2021

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