It can be confusing to refer to an "**Invoice**" when what your clinic really means is a "**Charge Slip**". Same goes with a 3 - step authentication that for some people, "Verification" comes first before "Completion'. But worry not! MYCURE has made it easier for your clinic to customize these terminologies and suit the system to your liking!

You can watch the Video or follow the steps below:



Click your account icon on the upper right corner.

A drop down will appear. Click Settings.

Once inside the Settings page, click on My Clinic and then select Terminology Settings.

In the Terminology Settings, select the field of the terminology you want to change.

Type the word to be used as a replacement.

Click Save.

And there you have it! Less confusion and easy customization to make your MYCURE Clinic Management System feel more yours and your clinic's.
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