Dental module

The Dental module is housed by the Medical Records module but has more complex and unique features which needs to be defined separately from the Medical Records module feature. This module is unique for dental services only.

This module has three primary users namely Head – Dentist, Dental Inventory Custodian, and Dental Receptionist. Each of these users have their own role and privileges to ensure the patient’s utmost health and the security of their medical records. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the users whose task is to oversee the dental medical records: Dentist.


The dentist is the head of the clinic and has full access to the dental medical records which is needed in ensuring that the dental patients get the utmost care for their teeth. Below is a matrix of their privileges.

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Custom Dental Statuses

Go to Settings > Medical Records > Custom Dental Statuses.
To add a custom dental status, click the “+” button. Enter the type of the status, input category and abbreviation, then select color coding. Add description of the custom dental status if necessary.

Dental History

The patient's dental history can be found in EMR > Current Encounter. Users can input all the relevant dental history necessary here.

Dental Charting, Dental Work Proposed, and Dental Work Done.

This is where users can access a patient’s records. Users can enable or disable charts, Create, Read, Update, and Delete dental records as well as the patient’s dental history.

Users will see 3 types of charts on the Dental section of the Medical Records namely the Baseline Chart, Work Proposed Chart, and Work Done Chart. Users can select the past dates of the records and it will automatically reflect in the selected Chart.

To input a record, click any of the tooth and then a prompt will appear that will let the users update the dental status of the specific tooth.

Another way to create a dental record in current encounter is found on the bottom of the page. There, users can click the “Create Dental Record” button and then a prompt will appear for the creation of the dental record. Input the necessary details then click “Save Record” to finalize the record.

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