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Customizing your Clinic's Registration Queues

You can watch the Video or follow the steps below:



Click on your clinic’s photo on the Sidebar Menu.

Click "Edit Clinic".

Go to Registration > Queues.

To create a new queue:

Click the + button.

Select queue type (e.g. doctor, nurse, therapist, etc.)

Set the name for the queue
Input normal duration of the queue.
Add a description.
Click Save to finalize the queue label.

To import queues:

Click the import button.

Download the Excel file template and fill out the necessary details
Upload the template file back into the system. All queues will now be recognizable in queues settings.

To update any queue label:

Click the edit icon.

Edit the queue details.

Click Update to finalize.

To delete a queue:

Click the delete icon.

Click Yes to confirm action.

To add multiple counters:

Go to a receptionist queue label (or upon creation of a new receptionist queue label).

Click on the checkbox. More options for multiple counters will appear.

Add multiple counters as needed by entering a name for each counter.

Click + Add Counter to save.

To add queue tags:

Enter the name of the tag.

Click + Add Tag.

To enable/disable requirement of entering Reason for Postponing and Cancelling:

Tick the corresponding box to enable
Untick the corresponding box to disable.

Updated on: 08/26/2021

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