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Customizing and Editing My Clinic Details, Schedules, Members, History, and Clinic Printing Header

My Clinic > Details



Steps in uploading a Clinic Photo

Click the box containing the default clinic photo.

A prompt for a file browser will appear.

Select desired photo.

Choose to rotate either left or right, and/or crop the photo accordingly.

Chosen photo is now set as the whole clinic’s official photo.

Steps to edit the Clinic’s Details

Click the desired field to edit.

Input details.

Click save.

Steps to set the Clinic Schedules

Choose the day.

Select opening time.

Select closing time.

Click the “+” button.

Clinic schedule for the chosen day and time is set.

Repeat steps as necessary.

My Clinic > Members

Users can Create, Read, Update, and Delete clinic staff to access MYCURE and manage team members which includes setting their roles and privileges.



Steps in adding A New Clinic Member

Click the “+” button.

Enter clinic staff’s email.

Choose a specific role for clinic staff.

Edit set of privileges.
Adding a clinic member is only through exclusive invite.

Updating A Clinic Member’s Roles and Privileges

Select a clinic member’s name.

Click on the list of user roles to employ.

Edit the clinic staff’s set of privileges.

Untick/tick the box which corresponds to the privilege.

Steps in deleting A Clinic Member

Select member to be deleted.

Click remove user.

User is now no longer a member of the clinic.

My Clinic > Branches

Users can read and update the details of the clinic’s branches.

Steps to Update Clinic Branches

Select clinic branch to update.

Click on the desired clinic fields to edit.

Input changes.

Click save.

Branch’s details are now updated.

My Clinic > History

Users can read the clinic’s medical records history. This pertains to the actions and updates that a clinic staff has done that concern medical records and inventory transactions.
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My Clinic > Printing Header

The Printing Header setting refers to the clinic’s header in all of the records or documents to be printed by the clinic. Administrative module users can Read and Update these printing headers.



Choose the desired template to employ as clinic’s printing header.

To upload image as printing header, click “upload”.

Select desired photo

Click “Preview” to see the printing header.

Click activate to select printing header template.

Updated on: 09/20/2021

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