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Creating an appointment from Doctor/Clinic Website

Go to website your Doctor has provided or a link that was shared to you.

Click on Choose a schedule

depending on the clinic, you may have options for Online Consult or not

Select on the service category you wish to take.

Click on Book Now for the selected service

Click on CONTINUE, or tick on additional services you wish to add more.

Click on highlight


Click on the Scheduled date and time

Click on "CONTINUE" to proceed

Type in the reason for Appointment. You also have an option for uploading 5 files of 15MB each.

Click on CONTINUE if the account that you are using is correct

Read the consent form and Click on "I ACCEPT"

Click on highlight

Read the Reschedule and Cancelation Policy, Click on "I ACCEPT"

Click on CONFIRM

Appointment Summary

Drag highlighted element

Your Appointment Summary will be shown, Click on "Proceed to Dashboard" to go back to the main menu of the application

Your scheduled appointment will be checked by the Doctor/Clinic. The status will change of either rescheduled or approved

Updated on: 10/22/2021

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