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Configuring your Clinic’s Specimen ID

MYCURE has a feature that generates a specimen ID for your Laboratory worklists. We decided to look at it once again and improve it. After all, that’s what MYCURE is all about- continuous improvement and innovations to ensure the quality CMS for your clinic, so your clinic can care for your patients the extra mile.

To configure your clinic’s Specimen ID, follow these!

You can also watch the step by step video Tutorial:



Click your account icon on the upper right corner.
A drop down will appear. Click Settings.

Once inside the settings, go to Laboratory > Specimen ID Config.

Once the Control ID toggle is enabled, you’ll see this:

Here is the part where it gets kinda tricky. To avoid any confusion, let’s define some terms first.

Custom Text – refers to a free text field wherein you’re free to input any value.
Date Time – Means you can choose a specific date format for you control ID. MYCURE gives options such as DD, MM, YY, or YYYY.
Specimen Counter – Refers to the counter for all of your worklist. It also as an additional setting wherein users can choose to add padding or not.

with padding

without padding

Next, we have interval values.

Reset Interval – Pertains to the date when your counter will reset back to 0.
Start Value – Refers to the value which your counter will start at.
Increment Value – Refers to the number to be added in your counter.

Now to set your Control ID, follow these steps:

Select your desired values to be added. Take note that you have to add them in order. Below are photos following the MYCURE example.

Once done inputting all your desired values, you should see a preview of your Specimen ID like this:

Double check your Specimen ID, then click Save. Your Control ID should look like this:

Double check your Specimen ID, then click save. Your Control ID should look like this:

And there you have it! One-time set-up for your clinic!

Updated on: 08/26/2021

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