Administrative module

The Administrative module focuses on the customization of the MYCURE Clinic Management System that will suit each clinic’s operations and processes. This is important in ensuring that the system attends to all the needs of the clinic as well as optimize the clinic dynamic to its fullest potential; feeling the swift assistance of MYCURE technology while staying true to every clinic’s unique quality of service.

This module has five primary users namely Superadmin, Clinic Manager, Data Analyst, Proofreader, and Records Staff. Each of these users have their own role and privileges to keep the clinic secured and the flow to be smooth. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the head of the whole clinic, the one who oversees the whole of clinic operations: Clinic Manager.

Clinic Manager
Clinic managers handle administrative processes and clinic operations such as Billing and Materials Management. However, they have limited access to the Medical Records module as these data are sensitive. Below is a matrix of their privileges.

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Clinic managers have full access to the Administrative, Registration, Medical Records, Billing, Materials Management, and Pharmacy Module. Anything involving medical data, they can only Read and Update. These updates are tracked in the system’s Clinic History along with the updates that they did.

Clinic Configurations:
For the Administrative Module exclusively, they are mainly tasked to manage clinic configurations. These configurations include settings for each of the system’s modules.

Staff Management:
In the administrative module, Superadmins can manage the roles and privileges of all the other clinic management system users.
Adding a clinic member is only through an exclusive invite. To invite a clinic staff, click the “+” button found in the top right corner. Once clicked, a prompt will appear asking for the email of the clinic staff to be added and the specific role/s that the clinic staff is to have. Each role has a specific set of privileges that can be customized according to the clinic’s unique dynamics.

To update a clinic member’s roles and privileges, click on the member’s name then a prompt should appear. Inside the prompt, click on the list of user roles to update the member’s roles and privileges. To delete a clinic member, simply click on the member to be deleted, then click the “remove user” button on the top right corner of the prompt.

Partner Management:
Partner management refers to the setting of the clinic's partners from HMO or insurance providers, diagnostic centers, companies, to government insurances.
To add a partner, simply select which partner to add, click the “+” button and then fill out the necessary details.

Admin Analytics:
MYCURE delivers a set of analytics that can be customized per clinic branch. This can be found in the Nav Bar > Clinic Dashboard. Here, users can see the analytics per filtered date. These analytics can be enabled/disabled in Settings > Registration > Analytics.

Audit Trail Access:
Audit Trail refers to the action that every user in the clinic does with regards to every data that the clinic has. To access this, go to Settings > My Clinic > History.

Clinic Attendance:
Superadmins have the important task of making sure that the clinic stays on schedule. This means ensuring that the staff attendance are properly monitored through the HRIS feature which can be found in the system’s Nav Bar > HRIS.
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