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Adding corporate partners with special discounts

Adding corporate partners

B2B partnerships help us grow our market. Now if you have corporate partners that you provide special discounts on the clinic services you provide, this is the place where you should add them in. Similar to adding your accredited HMO, you can get a summary of the sales you get from your corporate partners to assess their contributions to your clinic census

To add a company partner Go To Settings> Partners > Companies by clicking "+" Button on the top right side of the panel.

Fill out the company name and details. If done, click SAVE.

You can also add company partners in bulk by clicking the Import Button next to the right of "+" Button.

Click on the Download Template link and fill the necessary details of the companies that will be added
Once you have completed the file, save it on a folder where you can easily access the file.
Then go back to the the Import button and click on "Browse file", and select the Excel file that you have created.
Now you have added a new list of Company Partners!

You can also watch our video on Managing your corporate partners:

Updated on: 09/02/2021

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