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Adding a Patient to a Queue

This feature works best for clinics with a secretary or front desk staff who accommodates the patient upon registration.

You can access the different queues that were set in the Administration Module with respect to the roles and privileges. You can also accommodate each patient according to their needs and deck them to the corresponding queue. You can watch the Video or follow the steps below:



Go to Registration > Queues.
Select a queue.

Click Select Patient.

Search for the name of the patient or scroll through the list.
Click the name of the patient. The patient will be automatically placed in queue for registration.

NOTE: You can receive patients who registered from the Registration Kiosk or select the patient from the system’s database.

To accommodate a new patient:

Select the patient.
Click Accommodate.

To accommodate a patient not next in line:

Select the patient.
Click the "Serve Now" icon.

Once accommodated, users can edit the patient details:

Click the edit icon. Options to edit the patient’s details, view the medical record summary, and archive the patient and their record will appear.

Click Edit Patient to be redirected to the patient’s details.

To upload a patient's photo:

Click the box containing the default clinic photo. A prompt for a file browser will appear.
Select the desired photo.
Choose to rotate either left or right, and/or crop the photo accordingly. The chosen photo is now set as the patient’s official photo.

To tag a patient:

Tick the box/es that apply/ies. This will let the system easily recognize the applicable discounts, promos, etc.

To add a patient's HMO:

Click + Add HMO.

Select the patient’s HMO provider.

Enter the corresponding card details.

Other details can also be provided such as work information, contact person in case of an emergency, and an additional note field for more relevant medical information about the patient. Users can also link each patient to MYCURE’s patient’s account through a registered email.

Click Save to update patient profile.

Updated on: 09/16/2021

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